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JUKA SOLAR TECH CO.,LTD is a 16-year-old solar dc battery home refrigeration equipment company.We are NO.1 brand on the solar chest freezer,dc upright freezer ,12v home refrigerator ,12/24v car fridge ,mini cooler ,24v ice maker ,48v solar air conditioner in China,also we specialize in solar dc battery spare parts of refrigeration products manufacturing , CKD/SKD /OEM/ODM, building factories for the oversea ,providing product line assembly and training the worker.Our factory located in hangzhou city ,Zhejiang province ,China ,we are ensuring a series of integrity of refrigeration equipment to meet the various needs of customers, regardless of the order is large or small, whether it is pre- & after-sale services, regardless of the procurement of spare parts or finished products,we are able to meet any of your needs...